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American Made Premium E-Liquid Distribution, LLC.

The AMPED way of doing things comes down to Quality over Quantity. Every label we distribute goes through a stringent audition process. We specialize in finding and evaluating the "up and coming" labels that excel above the rest but may lack the marketing presence to impact the saturated market on their own.

With seemingly hundreds of new e-liquid brands hitting the market every month, it's hard to be heard through the noise. AMPED "amplifies" their presence and places these products on a bigger stage where they can be heard Loud and Clear.

The AMPED team draws from years of industry experience in the vape shop retail and e-liquid manufacturing, production and marketing industries making us uniquely qualified to assist young labels.

On the wholesale side, our experience in the retail sector ensures that we understand the challenges that vape shop owners and managers face every day. Our processes are designed to make your life easier with a quick and easy order form, convenient package deals and starter packs where you get more of what actually sells based on "actual sales data" in a retail environment. AND a rockin' 120 day refresh program to minimize risk and guarantees that you always have the freshest juice available on your shelves.

So what does this all mean?
As a consumer, you are going to get an American Made Premium E-Liquid worthy of the Top 40, even if you've never heard of the label before.You are also ensured that as your demand rises we will be able to deliver a steady supply.

Go Ahead, Vape Out Loud!

As a vape shop or distributor, you're getting a great product at a great price that's been "Proven" in the marketplace with minimal risk. And because we focus on lesser known brands, your stores will gain a reputation for being out in front of the latest trends.

To be accepted as an AMPED brand, labels must meet or exceed our high qualification standards in the following areas:

  • Must be an American Made Premium E-Liquid using USA sourced USP Certified base ingredients with batched and tested Nicotine.
  • Bottles must be dated or batched for recall purposes.
  • Manufacturing facility must be compliant with FDA requirements for cleanliness and safety.
  • The company must demonstrate documented manufacturing, safety and quality control processes.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to keep up with expected demand.
  • All product bottles and labels must meet the minimum FDA requirements for bottle safety and contain the appropriate warnings and informational content.
  • Flavor profiles must pass a taste test by up to 9 leading industry experts.
  • Flavors must pass a retail sales test by being placed in a retail environment for a predetermined period.
For further information or to talk to an AMPED certified account specialist, use the contact form on this page.
American Made Premium E-Liquid Distribution LLC.
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